MKA Nordics Nazm Competition

On Saturday 5th of March @10 AM a Nordic Nazm online competition was held which was arranged by Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Finland @mkaSuomi.

Event was presided by following Judges:

1. Mubarak Ahmad Siddique sahib
2. Muhammad Ismat Ullah sahib
3. Umar Sharif sahib

By the grace of Allah, our respected Khuddam brothers Abdul Hayee sahib, Tariq Yousaf sahib and Zaheer Ahmad sahib performed in an outstanding manner in the Nordic Nazm competition. May Allah bless them immensely. Amin

By the grace of Allah, all of them made it to the second round of the competition.

The final result was as follows:

1st Zaheer Ahmad sahib
2nd Tariq Yousaf sahib
3rd Mirza Mashood Ahmad sahib, Denmark

The respected judges narrated many faith-inspiring incidents from their Mulaqaat with Khulafae Ahmadiyyat, alhamdulillah.

You can watch the whole program at MKA Finland’s youtube channel :