First Innovation Day Stockholm

An exciting event was organized in Stockholm on 13th October 2018, named as an “innovation day”. It was planned and organized by Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Stockholm, but Atfal and Ansaar also participated in it.

Program started with Tilawaat, followed by a Seminar session of 1 hour.

Dr Mahmood Ahmad Sharma Sb gave an informative presentation on the topic of “Knee Joints”, where he explained how these joints works and how can we exercise to make them strong and in good condition even in old age.

The second presentation was by Ibrahim, our brother from Gambia. He talked on the topic of “Ahmadiyya in Gambia”, where he presented Jamaat history in Gambia and general information about his country.

After the Seminar session, a “Discussion Session” with Khuddam was organized.

Four tables were created, each table had different topics and fun names were given to the 4 tables/groups. 5-6 Khuddam will gather around the table, discuss the topics presented on that table for 15 mins, then move to another table for discussion on the topics of that table for 15 mins, and then move on to another table, completing the round of all 4 tables.

Following were the Group names and their related topics:

The third session was the exhibition, where many Atfal and khuddams presented their arts and crafts. There were Paintings, Stamp collection, Football card collection, Lego robots, Computer models, and Clay models.

Atfal had a separate session, where different activities for them was planned.

It was very successful event, around 33 Khuddam, 18 Atfal and kids and 10 Ansaar participated.

Lunch was served in the end of event.