Atfal Ijtema 2014 Updates

a. Deadline for Essay writing is changed from 1st to 30th March 2014.
b. Minor corrections and clarifications are made.

Dini Maloomat:
a. 40 questions with translation are uploaded.
b. Instructions are added about other parts of dini Maloomat.

Industrial Exhibition:
a. Joint competition of Mayare Sagheer and Mayare Kabeer is changed to separate competitions.
b. All Atfal are requested to actively participate in this.

Picture gallery:
a. As emailed earlier, this year a picture gallery will be organized. Where pictures of Atfal will be displayed. So if you have any picture worth sharing with others then please send them to
b. Pictures can be of:
– Your Mulaqat with Huzur aba
– Picture at any special place of the world.
– Any award/prize taking picture
– Any picture that can motivate others.

Zaheer Ahmed
Muhtamim Atfal Sweden