Annual Nisab 2013/2014


The annual nisab for 2013/2014 has now been published. It is divided into four quarters, of which every quarter is three months and contains a part of the Holy Quraan to memorize, another part to read and understand the translation of, Hadith from the book “40 Pärlor”, namaz with translation and a book that should be read.

The examination of these quarters will be at the end of every quarter and the results up until national ijtema will decide the first, second and third position in muqabla ijtema. Please note that if you wish to participate in this muqabla then you must have done these examinations, because there will be no such examination at the ijtema.

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Usama Saleem
Muhtamim Taleem
Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Sweden